When we do our best work, nobody knows it's us.


We combine content, media relations and thoughtful creativity to build effective communications programs.

Our clients trust us to launch their startups, run multi-channel campaigns, grow their user bases, and lead comprehensive PR and marketing initiatives.

We help the smallest companies in the world look big, and the biggest companies in the world act small.

We like dealing with influencers, skeptics, niche audiences, and fan communities. They’re hard to reach, they distrust marketing, and they have an outsized influence on the general public.



  • Brand positioning

  • Message frameworks

  • Content and social strategy

  • Channel strategies and management


Public Relations

  • Media relations

  • Influencer campaigns

  • Strategic partnerships

  • Event marketing



  • Editorial development

  • Production

  • Brand journalism

  • Writing

  • Editing



  • Art direction

  • Illustration

  • Identity design

  • Data and infographic design

  • Motion design

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How we do it

Codeword is made up of skilled storytellers, journalists, media professionals, editorial designers, audience development experts, social media innovators, and even a few traditional marketers.

Our team members have run some of the biggest news sites on the web, built their own startups, overseen mega-mergers on Wall Street, managed global ad campaigns, and thrown some really great parties.


How we get there


Understand the audience.

Respect the community and speak their language.


Have a story.

A great narrative is the quickest path to audience love and trust.


Build for social sharing.

Go where your audience already is and give them a reason to participate.


Have a plan.

A Communications Calendar brings stakeholders together and provides a clear path forward.


Involve the influencers.

Provide access to amazing people, and get them involved in creating and sharing.


A few of our clients

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Looking for your next gig?

If you speak internet, have something interesting to say, and want to make cool things, we want to talk to you.


Drop by sometime.


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