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Drumming up news your wallet wants to hear

Payscale wanted to be the go-to expert on compensation, so Codeword's PR team built a media cyclone.
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Adding data to the conversation

You know what reporters love? Culturally relevant data. And Payscale, a leading provider of compensation data, software, and services, has a wealth of data under the uber-culturally relevant topic of equal pay. But while they had been packaging up that data into reports on hot-button compensation issues (like equal pay, remote work, and pay transparency) for years, they needed to go beyond the numbers to build a unique, industry-busting, thought leadership platform — especially as new legislation has required employers to be transparent. So they turned to Codeword to build a strong PR engine that turned outbound outreach into tier-1 inbound opportunities.

An animated gif showing the Payscale website

Building outbound momentum that has generated inbound interest with premier media outlets has become a well-oiled flywheel in motion.

Jodi Ellias
VP, Corporate Marketing, Payscale

How we did it

Codeword developed an earned media strategy that positioned Payscale as a leader in compensation management — The message? Payscale is on a mission to make sustainable, fair pay a reality and ensure employees are receiving equal work for equal pay.

To start, Codeword made sure Payscale’s scheduled news moments were complemented by timely stories and trends. We then infused Payscale’s data, along with sharp POVs and op-eds from its celebrated leadership bench, into high-profile media outlets

Codeword built trusted relationships with reporters that led to a steady stream of inbound requests. This often meant mining data that isn’t publicly available, but these tactics increased both coverage volume and quality over the past year.

The largest-ever media burst from a single launch moment: 830M UVMs

We launched Payscale’s Gender Pay Gap Report on Equal Pay Day after two weeks of ‘early look’ pitching. Codeword was able to insert Payscale’s data and key spokesperson into 26 pieces of tier-1 coverage with Fortune, Newsweek, CNBC, Fast Company, Business Insider, Bloomberg, Fox News, Yahoo Life, Quartz, and CBS News. With more than 830 million UVMs garnered, this is the largest media burst Payscale has seen from a single initiative.

Coverage as a coverage generator

Creating a splash of online coverage for Payscale’s reports helped capture the attention of broadcast producers and show hosts, leading to several on-air opportunities for Payscale’s leadership. One example: We were approached by CBS News following Payscale’s Remote Work Report, leading to Payscale’s CEO being interviewed in a dedicated 5-minute segment.

Creating consumer awareness through strategic partnerships

Our team spearheaded the consumer-side earned media component of Payscale’s Let’s Talk Fair Pay campaign, designed to give employers and employees the tools to have an informed conversation about pay. Codeword drove the placements of the company’s brand collaborations with HerMoney and Angel City Football Club through pitched placements, a Twitter Spaces event, and a live podcast on negotiating the pay you deserve. The activations raised audience awareness and drove traffic to Payscale’s salary survey, a free resource to help individuals understand if they are being paid fairly.

830 million
unique monthly views from a single launch moment — the largest in Payscale’s history
pull-through of Payscale’s leadership messages
pieces of high-quality earned media coverage across national, local, tech, and business publications

Having the teams collaborating easily together with the right tools and processes to build a strong, fast response partnership is definitely a win.

Jodi Ellias
VP, Corporate Marketing, Payscale

What’s next

The workplace revolution has only just ignited. As businesses move toward organizational culture built on transparency, Codeword is continuing to position Payscale as the partner to help them, as well as their employees, navigate the important conversation of compensation.

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