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Keeping Wazers up to speed

Waze challenged Codeword to create a branded newsletter that people don’t click out of.
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It’s about the journey

We love nothing more than a challenging brief, but when a client wants to create a newsletter that people actually want to read, you have to break some old rules to build a new approach. Waze, the community-driven navigation app, challenged Codeword to develop a newsletter that highlights Waze as a thought leader in the mobility space, shares new features and app updates, and celebrates users — without readers ever needing to click out to appreciate or engage with
the content.

Content that discouraged clicks still led to industry-beating engagement

Average open rate
Higher open rate compared to industry benchmarks
Average click rate compared to industry benchmarks

How we did it

The Up To Speed newsletter was created to give readers exactly what the Waze app gives users: the opportunity to make better choices. Waze is about getting places faster and smarter with the support of those around you, and our newsletter needed to do the same.

While hyperlinks and call-to-action buttons are always provided, content modules are written and designed to tell engaging stories without the need to click out — unless a reader really wanted more. This way, readers were kept in the email and clicks were measured as high-quality engagements. Editorial and video content is structured into neat modules that aim to showcase expertise, provide shortcuts, and celebrate the community.

Showcase expertise

Readers are given a look under the hood with mobility perspectives and quotes from Waze leaders. Insights from outside experts about exciting trends in travel, traffic, and technology are also shared in short, engaging summaries.

Provide shortcuts

Wazers are all about finding shortcuts. Lesser-known app hacks, first looks at new features and releases, and hidden Easter eggs have been the biggest drivers of open rates for the newsletter.

Celebrate the community

The Wazer community is the reason for the Waze app’s continued evolution and success. Celebrating Wazers through data, initiatives, and really fantastic tweets are just some ways we bring them to life in the newsletter.

We’ve received such great feedback on Up To Speed. This content-driven newsletter gives us a new way to engage with our community of Wazers, and the results show it’s working well.

Charlotte Ames
Head of Editorial, Waze

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