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Taking to the skies to share Wing’s Earth Day message

Codeword and Wing put the spotlight on efficient, sustainable delivery
Wing Logo. We've worked with Wing since 2020
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Codeword and Wing put the spotlight on efficient, sustainable delivery

Leaning into Earth Day comes naturally to certain brands, including Alphabet subsidiary Wing. Wing uses ultra-efficient drones to deliver small packages in as little as 30 minutes, all while using less energy than other last-mile delivery methods. So when Earth Day 2023 rolled around, Wing asked Codeword to help it mark the occasion in a way that showcased the company’s commitment to fast, energy-efficient delivery and care for the communities it serves.

What we did

In just three weeks, we worked with Wing to develop a weeklong “Earth Week” campaign offering promotional plant deliveries for app users in Wing’s service areas of Frisco, Texas, and Christiansburg, Virginia. The campaign took Wing’s commitment to community one step further by providing native plants for users in each market, helping them support not only sustainable delivery but also local birds, bugs, and other wildlife critical to their ecosystems.

With the campaign concept settled, we turned our attention to crafting clever copy and eye-catching designs to take the initiative to new heights. Working with Wing to nail the messaging, we whipped up package inserts to pair with each delivery and explain the initiative. We also drafted emails and push notifications to drive awareness among users in addition to designing bright, floral imagery to promote the campaign in-app.

Image of the Wing App showing our Earth Day promotion.

Our Earth Week content on the Wing app.

The results

Despite having completed more than 350,000 deliveries globally, Wing’s US-based delivery operations were just taking off at the time, and the company expected a modest number of Earth Day drops in the double digits. Wing ultimately shattered its expectations, delivering three times the number of plants it anticipated (a total of 150) throughout the course of the campaign.

The campaign also helped Wing hit new drone delivery highs in each market — Texas set a record for the most Wing deliveries in one day, while Virginia cracked the top-5 mark.

Each delivery included this explanatory insert, designed by yours truly.

Picture of native, ecosystem-friendly plants and the pacaging delived by Wing.

Wing’s users received free deliveries of native, ecosystem-friendly plants.

an image showing flowers with the statisic of 3 times the more plants delivered than anticipated.

Where we go from here

Our relationship with Wing has grown since the success of the Earth Day 2023 campaign. Wing continues to establish its status as the heavyweight in the drone delivery space and highlight the sustainability, efficiency, and economy of its technology. As more consumers expect faster and more environmentally friendly shipping options, Codeword will be there to support Wing as it builds toward more robust, sustainable last-mile delivery.

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