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What we did:
Speech writing
Media briefing

YouTube needed to present its best self at three massive live events in just four weeks, so they tapped Codeword to make Brandcast stage-ready.

Smart creative for a new stage

If you want to impress advertisers and convince media buyers that their ads belong on your platform, you’ve got two big events in May: the upfronts, the biggest week in the TV advertising world, and the IAB NewFronts, an offshoot that focuses on digital content.

YouTube has long been a mainstay at the NewFronts, hosting Brandcast, its annual advertiser showcase event, to present the future of online video for digital ad buyers. But 2022 was different. Though YouTube would still have a major presence at the NewFronts, the platform would be moving Brandcast to the upfronts to reach advertisers who concentrate their dollars on linear TV.

YouTube was also facing this pivotal moment while gearing up for Google Marketing Live, Google Ads’ innovation showcase for business customers. Three of the biggest moments of the year, and they were all happening within days of each other.

YouTube turned to Codeword for help. 👋 We’re a creative communications agency that not only touts a number of former journalists who thrive on tight deadlines, but also know the advertising world backwards and forwards. We know how to create presentations to make even the most veteran, been-there-seen-that media buyers sit up and pay attention.

We’ve worked closely with YouTube for years, so both Codeword and the YouTube team knew we could pull off a heavy lift: writing  a number of compelling speeches for top executives, and pulling together an insight-packed recap.

Speech writing for the big stage

We delivered high-impact, memorable messaging for some of YouTube and Google’s most prominent figures, on tight deadlines for their debut on the Broadway stage.

Talking points into compelling stories

We combined our industry savvy with exhaustive research to distill complex subjects down to their most compelling truths.

Reaching everyone, all at once

Across all of the deliverables, Codeword ensured that key messages resonated with advertisers, TV veterans, journalists, and even consumers.

You all nailed it (again)!... THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

Jackie Rosen
Head of Video Strategy, Google
words delivered in total
3 events
with 4 weeks lead time
23 hours
average Codeword turnaround time

Showcasing the Main Stream, without a hitch

Across a variety of formats, for a variety of audiences, Codeword delivered for YouTube, ensuring that the event-filled May went off without a hitch. With our help, YouTube made a compelling case about its value to brands large and small. It reached new audiences while exciting existing ones. And it proved it belongs on every stage, including those on Broadway.

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