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3 Resolutions Every Company Should Make for 2023

January 12, 2023

Headshot for Jordan Hart

Jordan Hart

Associate Editor

“I’m going to work out more,” “I’m going to eat healthier,” “I’m going to drink less,” — these might be your personal new year’s resolutions, but what resolutions are you making for your business this year?

In 2023, it’s time for companies to resolve to be better — and actually be better. We want to give our corporate friends a bit of a head start on improving this year, so, taking inspiration from the Codeword 2023 trend report, we’ve created three resolutions for every company in 2023.

  1. Resolve to be true to you. While 2023 is gearing up to be full of micro-aesthetics/micro-trends, as predicted by Olivia Exstrum, stay in your lane. You don’t have to hop on every trend in your timeline — unless that’s really your brand. As Kyle Monson said, stop swatting at flies. Focus on your brand, your authentic and unique perspective, and don’t get distracted by whatever trends are passing by at any given moment.
  2. Resolve to be where your audience is. With certain platforms becoming… ahem turbulent… recently, 2023 is the perfect year to reevaluate your relationship with your socials. Dominique Middleton predicts that niche social platforms will drive deeper brand engagement; after all, marketing isn’t about reaching all people, it’s about reaching the right people. Figure out where your audience and dream customer base actually are, and determine how you can best show up in those spaces. As more social media becomes semi-private, as predicted by Chris Heller, know that not every platform is going to be for you. And that’s OK!
  3. Resolve to engage your brand fans. Recession or not, everyone wants to spend their money wisely. When it comes to marketing, Vicki B. Jacobson advises that fans are more valuable than influencers. Not only is authentic, user-generated content better received, it can be significantly less expensive. So rather than spending big on influencers, focus on being a company worth raving about. If you are going to go the influencer route, think small. According to Taylor Cahill, nano-influencers will get you a better bang for your buck by reaching a more engaged, closer knit community.

Want more insights into the year ahead? Check out the full Codeword 2023 trend report — created by the Codeword staff in a single afternoon. It’s full of goodies if you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve this year.

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