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Codeword presents Volume IV: The Human Issue

May 4, 2023

Chris Heller

Senior Editor

As AI erupted into the mainstream these past six months, a ton of questions came with it: Are AI models ripping off artists and creators? What’s fair compensation if your work is used to train them? How can we trust that a chatbot will be accurate? That it will cite its sources? That it won’t spout violent and racist rhetoric?

And, of course, is this thing really gonna take my job?

None of these questions are just about AI as a technology. They are debated so passionately because they’re about people.

That’s where we’re heading with our latest issue of Volume, Codeword’s agency zine. We’re calling it The Human Issue, and we’re thinking about what this moment means for us, our work, our lives, and our industry.

Every issue of Volume is wildly different from the others, and as you’ll see, The Human Issue jumps back a few decades to another “dawning of a new age” when everything online felt a lot more handmade. At a moment today when much of the internet looks and feels minimalist and robotic, we hope it’ll remind you that it’s still made by people. (And that the ’90s had killer web design and some pretty addictive casual games.)

We hope you enjoy The Human Issue. Click around, have some fun, share it if you like it. And as always, let us know what you think at [email protected].

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