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The Workplace: To the Office and Back

November 18, 2022

Chris Heller

Senior Editor

Normal agencies turn their insights into PDFs. Innovative agencies turn them into microsites.

We turned our insights into a storybook fantasy epic.

For the second issue of Codeword’s digital zine Volume, we decided to approach the return-to-office conversation from a completely new perspective. So we traveled deep into the world of warlocks, knights, and sword-swishing adventurers.

But what on Middle-Earth does high fantasy have to do with this discourse? Two things.

One: Whether your workplace is remote-first or committed to RTO, the generation-defining shift in what an “office” means would’ve been otherworldly not too long ago. And honestly, a lot of us are still trying to figure out how we feel about it. Like Sam and Frodo taking the One Ring to the depths of Mount Doom, we wanted to get to the heart of the issue and exorcise some demons.

Two: Why not? We figured it’d be fun, so we did it.

Inside this issue, you’ll find…

⚔️ What dominatrixes can teach us about professional boundaries
🏰 A powerful argument for medical privacy in the age of WFH
👑 Fortune-telling and heresies and anonymous whispers
🐲 Beautiful hand-crafted illustrations and animations

Hope you’ll enjoy it… but beware, here be dragons!

The Codeword Logo as a wax seal.
P.S. Each issue of Volume is totally different. ICYMI, the first issue was a candid look at DEI within agenciesP.P.S. Special thanks to

Emilio Ramos, the Codeword design team, and our contributing authors and guests. They completely outdid themselves.

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