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The 2023 Trends Report We Made in an Afternoon

December 7, 2022

Chris Heller

Senior Editor

‘Tis the season for annual trend reports, but let’s be honest: How many do you remember, much less learn from?

For us, it’s a very short list. But are we even a real agency if we don’t produce a “things to watch” collection at the end of year? (No.)

We’re supposed to make a trend report, but we don’t see a lot of value in the typical trends report. 🤔 And frankly, Q4 is a terribly busy time to take on a high-production project.

So we decided to create a report that…

  1. is different from anything else we’ve done
  2. taps our in-house expertise (we track trends every damn day of the year)
  3. is produced with an absolute minimum of time and fuss
  4. takes the piss out of self-important trends reports

That’s how we came up with The 2023 Trends Report We Made in an Afternoon. On December 7th at 1pm ET, the entire Codeword team took one hour to pitch our most brilliant predictions about tech, media, and marketing for the coming year.

The result is a weird, surprising, intriguing collection of forecasts for the year ahead, shaped entirely by our expert strategists, creatives, media pros, and trendspotters.

Because if it takes you more than an hour to predict the future, you’re doing it wrong.

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